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Muffler O-Rings & Clamps

Your V’dub has stopped smelling like Gas, but now the exhaust is "chugging", indicating a leak at one of the muffler or header connections. Upon inspection, you can see the telltale carbon stains around one (or both) of the j-tube connections to the muffler. This is a very common problem, once the j-tubes are old, rusty and pitted. It becomes increasingly difficult to get a good seal at the o-rings.

PROBLEM: (The old-timers may already know about this one, but it could be one of the following:)

  1. You are using CHEAP muffler clamps that do not have 2 different sized arcs (one for the j-tube and a larger one for the header or muffler).
  2. You are using GOOD (German?) clamps, but you have installed them BACKWARDS (see illustration below)

Muffler Clamp

FIX: for:

  1. Purchase the better clamps that have the 2 different sized arcs. Then install them as explained in #2 below.
  2. Install the clamps with the SMALL opening (created by the small arc) over the j-tube and the LARGE opening over the muffler or header tube.