Window Regulator Removal

1978 Beetle Convertible


The vehicle used in this procedure is a 1978 Beetle Convertible and may differ from other years.


  1. Lower the window.
  2. Remove window crank, armrest, door panel
  3. Using 10mm socket, remove 3 bolts securing the regulator assy.


  1. Using a 13mm end wrench, remove the 2 nuts and washers, which secure the window rails at the bottom of the door.


  1. Move the regulator toward the door latch, which will position the slides over the rectangular openings, and push the 2 rectangular, nylon slides out of the window carrier assy. (bottom)


  1. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screw that secures the outside scraper near the outside door handle.  

  1. Using a 10mm socket, remove the 2 bolts on the front top edge of the door, which secure the vent wing assy.


  1. Remove the outside scraper.

  1. Remove the window via its top opening.
  2. Remove the vent wing assy.
  3. Remove the regulator via the rear, lower, inside opening.





  1. Insert the regulator via the opening.
  2. If the INSIDE scraper and vent base seal have been removed, install them now.
  3. Install the vent assy. Do not tighten the bolts and nut yet
  4. Install the window
  5. Install the window carrier assy. onto the regulator and slide the nylon slides to the right (driver side) or to the left (passenger side).
  6. Secure the regulator with the 3 mounting bolts.
  7. Temporarily re-install the window crank and test the window’s operation.
    1. By relocating the bottoms of the window slide rails, adjust for smooth operation and tighten the nuts
    2. Move the vent assy. top for smooth operation and alignment and tighten the 2 bolts at the front of the door.
    3. Adjusters are available at the bottoms of the slides, which move the slides inward and outward. Adjust as needed.
    4. Some vintages provide adjustment for a level window edge, at the slide closest to door latch. Use a 13mm wrench to loosen and position as necessary. NOTE: It is most easily accessed with the window raised half-way.
    5. Finally, adjust the bolt and its locking nut on the regulator, near the window crank, to stop the window just as it is aligned at the top.
    6. Ensure that the top window trim (chrome frame) stops just short of the inside and outside scrapers as the window is rolled down. There is a spot welded metal piece on the gears that serves this function, normally. The top trim must not go lower than described here or it will damage the scrapers after time.
  8. Re-install the outside scraper.


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