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By Bill C.

Oil Drips & Oversized Engines

Last month, Mike provided an excellent write up on oil leaks. I thought I would share a "strange one" with you.

Situation:: Rebuilt 1776 cc, purchased from a national VW engine rebuilder, soon began to leak oil around the crank pulley; with a little seepage around various bolt on items. ARGHH!

CAUSE: Too much crankcase pressure.

Seems that oversized engines often create more crankcase pressure than the stock breather can vent out to the carb, causing oil to be "squeezed" out.

FIX: Add a breather box to the firewall (3 tube). Run a tube to the top of each valve cover from the box; and a 3rd tube to the stock breather outlet on the alternator stand. (Optional) For good measure, also add a t-connector to this 3rd tube and a connection to the air cleaner. –Works like magic! -