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by Bill C. -

Spark Plug Starter "Tool"

Having trouble getting a good "finger" grip on those spark plugs when installing? This is that "time" when it is so easy to get them started crooked and cross-thread the hole. Ouch!

  • Find a 2-3" piece of rubber hose that will fit over the insulator to use as a grip. Depending on the plug being used I have had luck with old breather hose for standard spark plugs or !/4" fuel line for the skinny 12mm deep reach plugs.
  • One other tip: If you are running dual carbs on your bug, you might have already cut some "access holes" in the fender wells to get at #3 & #1 plugs (a 2" or larger metal cutting hole cutter bit works good for this). After starting the plugs, you can use a socket and extension to finish the task. But sometimes it is hard to get the plug threads started.
  1. If so, try using a LONGER piece of hose that will allow you to insert the spark plug through the access hole. This might be 10-12" long.
  2. Now, after slipping the hose over the spark plug insulator, insert a long thin bladed screwdriver into the hose to eliminate droop and allow you to aim the plug at the hole. The blade needs to be thin enough to allow the tubing to easily turn on the shaft.
  3. You should be able to spin the hose on the screwdriver blade to thread the spark plug into the hole.

Make sense? Good luck!