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No Idle - Stock Carburetor

by Bill C. -

Normally with this problem, you check out the carb idle adjustments (speed and mixture) and the electric choke adjustments (position and fast idle); and maybe tried to clean things up with some spray carb cleaner. Of course you have checked/set ignition timing... and still no help.

v      If you have a stock type carburetor that has the solenoid mounted on it, do not overlook it (proper installation and operation).

v      The solenoid screws into the side of the carburetor. It functions to reduce engine run on (“dieseling”) after engine shut down.

v      Make sure it has not come unscrewed, creating a vacuum leak.

v      You can perform a quick “road side” check for operation:

1.       With the engine off, unplug the wire leading to the solenoid.

2.       Turn the ignition switch to ON. Do NOT start the engine, though.

3.       Repeatedly touch the wire to the terminal on the solenoid. Each time you touch it, the solenoid should “click.” Clicking sound does not necessarily prove the solenoid to be good. But ABSENSE of the click definitely says that you have a problem with either the solenoid or the lack of power at the wire with the switch on.

CAUTION: Make sure there are no fuel leaks at the carb. Touching the wire to the solenoid may cause a small spark.