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Installing Baby Turbo Mirrors

How many times have I seen this happen, even guilty of doing it myself. You mount your brand new Baby Turbo mirrors on your custom Bug, just the way common sense would tell you; the “front” of the base to the front, using a hole for the old mirror and the “back” to the back, drilling a new hole for that one in your door skin. Right?

“Way cool, Beavis. This is going to be great!” So you hop in to make those mirror adjustments and…. you can’t see anything but Mother Earth and the sidewalk. The mirrors are too LOW! All those holes you drilled! You turn green, muscles bulging, shirtsleeves tearing… oh... wrong story. Actually, you put your face in your hands and cry loudly.

What is the answer? Well, don’t mount them like you THINK they should be installed; not if you want to USE them. Why do you think the stock ones have a bent arm?


Mount the bases “vertical” (See photo).

  1. Of course, remove the old mirror(s).
    NOTE:            The Baby Turbo mirrors have 2 mounting holes/slots. The mirror swivel is closer to the “front” of the base.
  2. First, loosely install the “rear” screw at the rear of the base, using the old mirror-mounting hole.

  3. Position the base “vertical,” with the front of the base at the TOP (See below).
  4. Mark the door where the hole needs to be drilled for the front (now top) of the mirror base.
  5. Take a big breath and drill that hole. Dab some paint in there to reduce chances of rust.
  6. Install the screw, dab some more paint around it, tighten both screws.

  7. Finally, just pull the rubber cover over the base.

NOW, you’re done. You have accomplished moving the pivot point of the mirror HIGHER. It’s just enough to be perfect. Set you mirrors and you are ready to go. Here is a sample picture of a driver side installation.