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Oil Pump Gaskets Ė Donít mix them up!

by Bill C. -

Your bugís oil pump requires 2 gaskets; an inner and an outer.

  • The INNER gasket mounts between the case and the pump. You usually slide it over the pump barrel before installing the pump. This paper gasket is much thicker than the OUTER gasket.
  • The OUTER gasket is very thin paper and mounts between the pump body and the pump cover.

So whatís the big deal?

  • Pump pressure is dependent on very tight tolerance (fit) between the ends of the pump gears and the cover. Too much clearance and the oil will escape around the ends of the gears; rather than being squeezed through them and into the engine.
  • Replacing the OUTER gasket with a thick, inner gasket opens up a gap between the gears and cover; causing severely reduced oil pressure!