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EARLY vs. LATE Transaxle
Pressure Plates

- Bill C. -

EARLY vs. LATE Transaxle - Pressure Plates

If you are a novice (like me) this can save you some grief when dealing with after-market "performance" pressure plates. I received a "one size fits all" that needs some adapting to work on a late transaxle. So, what’s the difference?

  • Post-71 (?) transaxles have a tube around the transaxle input shaft.
  • This tube functions as a guide upon which the throw out bearing slides.
  • Pre-71s do NOT have this tube and the throw out bearing is set up differently.

So what?

  • Post-71 pressure plates do NOT have the metal donut in the center.
  • If left on, it will bind against the tube I talked about above; making it nearly impossible to install the engine. If you force it, expect to break the Bowden Tube when you depress the clutch.
  • This donut in the center of the diaphragm spring needs to be REMOVED to work on post-71 transaxles. See picture below of EARLY pressure plate below: