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Converting Turn Signal Sockets

by Bill C. -

Front Turn Signal Sockets
(Single to Double Contact)

·        Situation:
You have an EARLY front turn signal (or two), with the single bulb contact (and filament). You want to convert it to a double contact socket (double filament for park and signal). This is often necessary when ordering mail order turn signals

·        Remedy:

1.      You will find it very difficult to remove and replace the entire socket, due to the method used to assemble these into the base.

2.      So, remove the single contact base (insulated disc that is down, inside the socket) and the wire.

3.      Replace it with the new double contact disc.

NOTE:            A local source for these sockets is Autozone. Look for part number 85803, which is a “Double Contact ¾” Socket.” You will have to remove the contacts & wires to install in your turn signal and discard the rest of new socket.