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Tiger in the Tank?
Or Dripping Water?

Driving a later Super Beetle with a curved windshield? I have 2 of them and discovered an unfortunate way of getting water into your gas tank.

Scenario: You are filling up at the local gas ‘n go and treating your Super to a windshield washing. You use one of those sponge/squeegee scrubbers, then “scrape” the water off the glass.

Problem: As the water runs off the passenger side windshiled, especially if you are squeegee-ing from that side, keeping close to the pump nozzle, it can actually drip right into the filler spout! Of course, it can vary from car to car and a lot depends on how your filler is situated.

Workaround: First, just be aware. You might want to wait to clean until the cap is replaced… or NOT clean at all. But if you are in a hurry to clean a mob of squished bugs, you can shield the filler with anything, even a piece of paper… or a hand. Makes sense, huh?

By the way, water is heavier than fuel, so it will build up in the bottom of the tank until you do something to remove it (gas treatment for small amounts or tank removal for more). What’s the harm? 1. Rust. 2. It freezes easily and can leave you stranded depending WHERE it freezes. 3. Once it gets deep enough, it will be drawn into the fuel line, clogging filters and strangling motors; leaving you muttering, “Why didn’t I listen to that air head, Air Bill?”